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Manufacturing plants have countless lifting, pulling and tensioning needs. Precision offers best solution for short distance lifting to big span and horizontal pulling as well. We provide solutions for a wide variety of applications such as cart pulling, cable tensioning, maintenance/utility lifting, opening/closing furnace doors, waterjet/plasma cutting tables and more.

The winches for manufacturing industries as below……….


Construction sites have many uses for portable construction winches. Contractors often require construction lifting equipment at multiple locations. Winches from Precision provide them with the load-handling power they need in portable, compact units.

The winches for construction industries as below……….

Shipping / boat winch

Sea water / waste water often leads to material get corroded easily. Our high quality winches has less corrosion rate to give you winches with long life in water.

The winches for shipping industries as below……….

Pharma, food & healthcare

Understanding of sensitivity and importance of hygenic conditions in pharma, food and healthcare industry, we offer stainless steel 304 hand winches for this kind of industries needs..

The winches for Pharma, food & healthcare industries as below……….


Precision offers specially designed spur gear and worm gear winch for need of poultry setup. We offer reasonable, reliable and durable and quality poultry winches.

The winches for Poultry industries as below……….


Keeping mind the maximum height required in telecom industries, we offer winches with maximum length / height of wire rope suitable for this industry.

The winches for telecom industries as below……….


Thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, hydropower and power distribution companies have heavy loads to lift and transport. Precision heavy duty winches are design to withstand such extreme conditions…

The winches for Power industries as below……….


Precision winches built tough to withstand the dust, dirt, grit, grime, moisture and debris that come with working in and around mines. Our rugged products are the perfect mining equipment solution needed to keep your conveyors, elevators and stackers running smoothly, day after day


Precision proud to its ability to be winch supplier to our defense system. From light duty hand winches to electric heavy duty jeep winches , we offer both standard and customised winches to our army.

The winches for defence industries as below……….

Water / Effulent treatment

Maintenance of a wastewater plant can be labor intensive. Placing pumps and mixers, lifting them out of tanks for maintenance; it all takes time and effort. Portable and stationary davit winches from Precision help boost efficiency of these operations. So whether it’s pulling sludge carts, positioning screens or positioning UV panels, we have what you’re looking for.

The winches for Water / Effulent treatment industries as below……….


To withstand heavy corrosion conditions, precision winches designed with high quality steel, hardening of its gears and plating to all body. Also to lift manhole of reactor to fill material precision light duty winches is the best and safe option.

The winches for Chemical industries as below……….


Logistic industry has most load lifting and carrying applications on continuous basis. Precision’s varieties of winches provides solution all to its material handling operations.

The winches for telecom industries as below……….